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Every Makeup Artist has some favorites in their kits...

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

There are just some items that every artist needs in their kits. There are also some items that just make sense for us women. So I am here to share some of my favourite items from Amazon! All the items I share with you I have personally purchased myself and wholeheartedly love. There are also some items on this list that I've purchased multiple times as well.
I hope your wallet doesn't hate me after I share my amazon faves with you! Cause here we goooo......

1) The eyeliner that never fails to stay! I love a great gel eyeliner and let's be honest. Some nights can get a little more emotional for us than we ever intended for. So here is to the best Gel eyeliner you will ever need for the rest of your life. If you don't love the longevity of this liner; I'm over you. lol JK I still <3 you! I swear!

2) Disposable Makeup Application Sponges. The price for this amount of sponges is just an absolute steal!!! Artists you need to get on this ASAP!!

3) A lot of you have been asking me about my makeup chair so here is this link for the best thing I could ever use while applying makeup on my clients

4) 2Pc Stainless Steel Makeup Palettes - Perfectly Priced and comes with the spatulas for each. I use one per client - this way im spending less time cleaning between clients.

5) 300 Pcs disposable lip applicators - I use this product to apply all liquid lipsticks to my clients - avoiding cross contamination leaving a peace of mind for all.

6) 300 Pack disposable Mascara Wands - I find it extremely disgusting and absolutely cringe when i see a makeup artist apply mascara to someone directly with the mascara wand and then later see them use it on someone else later, barf. excuse me while I gag! avoid being that disgusting mua and invest in hygiene with these disposable mascara wands.

7).....Coming Soon!


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